Chen Haodian, Director Of Municipal SASAC, And His Team Investigated Sunward Intelligence

Release time:2019-08-21

     From August 15 to 16, Chen Haodian, secretary and director of the Party Committee of the Municipal SASAC, visited Changsha and Zhuzhou successively to investigate Sunward Industrial City and Sunward Aviation Industrial City, the high-tech listed companies under Vanlead Group, and to investigate the implementation of Sunward Intelligent "One Body, Two Wings" strategy. Huang Yong, general manager of Vanlead Group, He Qinghua, founder and chairman of Sunward Intelligence Group, and relevant comrades in charge of the office of Municipal SASAC, Capital Operation and Revenue Management Office and Vanlead Group Headquarters were accompanied.


     Director Chen Haodian and his team went deep into the Sunward Intelligent Production and Manufacturing Site to feel the power of science and technology from workshop to product. Director Chen Haodian fully affirmed that Sunward’s staffs "one hammer after another" really work hard, concentrate on making products, strive for development, and eventually become the industry's top fighting spirit. He highly appreciated the advanced experience of team led by Professor He Qinghua in scientific research, team leadership and management. He emphasized that Vanlead Group and Sunward Intelligence should keep pace with each other, give full play to their respective advantages and achieve win-win development.



     Director Chen Haodian made three requests:


    First, make full use of the new opportunities in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the good business environment in Guangzhou, give full play to the main advantages of Sunward Intelligent Construction Machinery and the comprehensive advantages of Hua an Foundation Company's "Equipment+Construction Method+Construction", dig deep potential, and promote Sunward Intelligent Hua an Foundation Company, the assembly base of cutting-edge construction machinery and the marketing leasing center. Settled in Guangzhou, strengthen the docking cooperation with state-owned enterprises in Guangzhou, and join hands in the business development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


    Second, we should implement the relevant national development strategy, dock with leading enterprises and superior resources of Guangdong shipbuilding, BDS and large-scale deep-sea equipment, rely on the brand of Vanlead Group's state-owned enterprises, strengthen cooperation with local enterprises in Guangzhou, seize development opportunities and create new business growth poles.


    Third, actively promote the layout of the aviation business sector in Guangzhou, combining the advantages of Sunward Intelligence, in line with the overall direction of "combining far and near, first easy and then difficult", first carry out aircraft maintenance, leasing, aviation materials sales, interior modification and other business, and then gradually enter the aviation industry chain business according to the requirements of qualifications, tamping. Solid foundation, steady and far-reaching.