Guangzhou Vanlead Group Asset Management Co., Ltd
——Assets Optimization and Market Operation

Guangzhou Vanlead Group Asset Management Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Guangzhou Vanlead Group, which was reorganized from the Guangzhou Rubber Industry Bureau. Its long history has witnessed the century-long history of China’s rubber industry. In 1957, the company produced the first exported diamond bicycle tire and successfully tested large probe balloons for the first time in China. Recently, the company has restructured to be GVGAM, with the purpose to follow the Group’s strategy on optimizing inner assets structure of Vanlead Group, and conducting M&A and assets transferring.

Guangzhou Vanlead Group Property Management Co.,Ltd
——Property Standardization and High Quality Service

As a subsidiary of Guangzhou Vanlead Group, the core industries of Guangzhou Vanlead Group Asset ManagementCo., Ltd are property leasing and management. GVGPM rents out properties of nearly one million squares, which cover residential buildings, office buildings, innovation parks, and etc. GVGPM has made big breakthroughs constantly through adopting professional standard systems, perfect management systems, affectional service concepts and modern service platforms. It has created Vanlead Innovation Park with first-class office standard and participated in the 1850 Project, a publically recognized model for projects.

Guangzhou Vanlead Group Real Estate Co., Ltd
——Land Reusing and Comprehensive Development

Guangzhou Vanlead Group Real Estate Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Vanlead Group that specialized in real estate development. By effectively integrating the existing land resources and real-estate business of Guangzhou Vanlead Group and steadily promoting the development of real estates, GVGRE has become a comprehensive property company with advantages in chemical property projects, who has built office buildings, commerce residence buildings, and innovation parks and so on. Through adopting its international standard laboratory and innovative transformation model, GVGRE constructed the Vanlead Innovation Park independently, which has become the model in the industry for “Three Old” transformations and land reusing. Currently, the major construction projects of GVGRE include the group headquarters building, the Dongfeng chemical building and the Huangpu chemical building, etc.

Guangzhou Pearl River Chemical Group Co., Ltd(GZCG)
——Research Base and Supporting Development

GZCG is a subsidiary and research institute of Guangzhou Vanlead Group. GZCG focuses on research and development of rubber and chemical products to build a scientific research base and to provide technical supports for the group industry.

Vanlead Innovation Park
——Talent Integration and Innovation Driven

In order to build a platform for international cooperation in science and technology innovation, to explore the world advanced product research and development ability, to solve the problem of self development and product reserve, Vanlead Group has upgraded the South Rubber Factory to the Vanlead Innovation Park. It has a center(Vanlead Tire Marketing Center) and three research institute(Vanlead Rubber and Tire Research Institute, Vanlead Chemical Research Institute and Vanlead China-Ukraine Fine Chemical Research Institute), with total investment of 370 million yuan. Vanlead Innovation Park officially opened on July 29,2016.

Vanlead Innovation Park focuses on the high quality of rubber products and fine chemical industry, with the advanced scientific research equipments, the first class scientific research talents and advanced research and development system. Vanlead Rubber and Tire Research Institute is a enterprise technology center recognized by the state and national post doctoral scientific research workstation which undertakes 10 national research projects and participates in 28 national industry standards. Vanlead Rubber and Tyre institute is a test center signed by China Rubber Industry Association which provides professional service for inspection of tire and rubber products. The scope of testing and researching mainly include the physical and chemical properties, tire product performance and simulation, etc.

Vanlead Innovation Park actively engaged in multi level international technology cooperation with Japan, South Korea, Ukraine, France, Spain and Germany: cooperating with domestic famous universities and scientific research institutions for 2 laboratories, having 21 projects with national engineering center and signing a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Ukraine national scientific institution and Russian Mendeleev Chemical University. It introduced 4 advanced technology achievements from Ecoat CompanyFrance) and Ukraine State Technical University to make domestic industrialization and to set up high level international joint research center and technology incubators. The high speed vehicle damped paint project is being developed to fill the gap in high level water damping coatings Chinese market. The fire retardant coating project has braked the domestic 90 minutes fire limit and the fire resistance time is to 120 minitues.

Guangzhou Chemical Trading Center Co., Ltd(GCTC)
——Authoritative Information and Professional Platform

CTC is one of the commodity trading platform of Guangzhou city planning and construction which realized the transformation from traditional chemical industry trading to the online and electronic trading by the innovation of trading mechanism. In the meantime, GCTC actively engaged in e-commerce, financial services, chemical information, price index and other kinds of business. The Guangzhou Index, which was launched in December 2009 is listed as the Guangzhou Production Data Price Index System. To provide objective and powerful information for government sector monitoring of the industry market and to provide price guidance for the majority of chemical enterprises, GCTC gradually developed to be chemical products center and price data center that is based on the pearl river, covered south China and radiated the whole country.